Behind every door is a captivating world of interactive art.



No, we're not a hotel! We are an immersive art museum in Dallas, TX. Female-founded in 2018 as a pop up, we now have a permanent flagship location in Downtown Dallas. With each room designed by a different artist, you'll be transported to a world of imagination where creativity knows no bounds. Each year we will feature new artists, from fiber artists to new media, inside each of our unique "hotel rooms".


Twinkie Chan is a crochet designer, author, and Creativebug instructor known for her colorful, food-themed accessories like cupcake scarves, hamburger mitts, and slushee cup purses. She lives in San Francisco with a rainbow wall of yarn and a billion pom poms. “Sucre Fleuf! is an imaginary bakery in the middle of a secret garden. I was inspired by old-world boulangeries and patisseries as well as modern Asian dessert art. Here, you’ll find a combination of my love for yarn, sweets, Wes Anderson movies, and 80s cartoons. I’m a huge fan of all the beautiful and over-the-top desserts that people post online, and since food is meant to be eaten and not meant to stay, I like the idea of preserving and honoring fun food in crochet.


Molly Margaret Sydnor is a Dallas-based multidisciplinary fine artist with an eye for fiber. She received a BFA in Fiber from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2015. She concentrated on experimental fashion and photography, directed the schools fashion show as part of the black student union, was on the dean’s list for all four years, and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Sydnor was brought to Dallas for a career in product development specializing in interiors and textile design. Molly creates interactive work through storytelling and the layering of media, ideas and imagery of identity and the body. Experimentation, innovation, and play ground Sydnor’s work in her exploration of the complexities of gender, race, and sexuality.


As a mixed media visual artist, most mediums Tramaine uses are photography, design, film and animation. A strong purveyor of aesthetic, his works have been taking on the roll of narration as well. Creating bodies of work that go along a story usually within itself or for a larger construct that he’s ever building. Tramaine’s works explores a minimal approach with calculated production and intensive design. Utilizing these subjects in various mediums for viewers to align it as an experience. One through simple and direct imagery.


We live in a world where everything is constantly asking for our attention. My hope is to create spaces that let people exist in the moment. Vice Video is an abandoned VHS rental store that's recently come back to life...on its own.Madison Mask started his career at an event planning agency. Since then he has gone on to produce events and brand activations at some of the largest industry trade shows across the country. With this corporate events background, he's now exploring his interest in creating more surreal and artistic experiences. His delve into creating installation started in 2020 with site-specific large sculpture pop ups under the moniker modest museum and immersive exhibits inside of his studio space. Creative Direction and Design by Cole Keeton

wvvy studio

If you can find the secret entrance, you'll step into a whimsical checkerboard room adorned with giant pink donuts. Get ready to sprinkle yourself silly with giggles as you embark on a truly enchanting journey.

Created by wvvy studio, our design, fabrication and content creation partner. Their team makes your project seamless from concept to creation to execution. Whether you need a fully immersive experience for your brand or a birdhouse made of 24k gold, they have the design and fabrication expertise to make it happen.

wvvy studio

No hotel is complete without a fitncess center! Dive into a surreal world of fitness as you step into a simulated hotel gym with vibrant turquoise walls and a quirky twist - you can actually hop on and ride the brightly-painted stationary bikes adorned in dazzling pink!

wvvy studio

Experience the nostalgia of a vintage hotel room, thoughtfully curated with custom-designed Memphis style furniture, blending bold patterns and vibrant colors for a truly captivating and whimsical experience.

Make sure to look for the secret door hidden behind the bed so you can step out into the spotlight!

wvvy studio

Enter an electrifying art installation that takes you on a mind-bending journey through time. Immerse yourself in the retro charm of 70's chic, only to find yourself seamlessly morphing into a futuristic alternate reality, complete with a mysterious hidden door beckoning you into another realm of wonder and imagination.

wvvy studio

Look for the hidden door to be transported into a desert oasis of enchantment. Lose yourself in the mesmerizing sight of endless glowing cacti, their reflections creating a surreal mirage, and dare to climb the rocky cliff for a breathtaking view of this captivating botanical dreamscape.

Sweet Dreams at Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Don't Trip at Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Three Snaps Paloma at Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Smokey Pokey at Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Very Cherry Beary at Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Joey and Doughie at Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Four Amigas at Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Swayze Dayze at Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel
Mocktail at Calirosa Cocktail Lounge at Sweet Tooth Hotel

I absolutely adore this place! The staff was phenomenal, very thorough on explaining the process. Multiple rooms with different themes, secret rooms were easy to access. Calirosa had the best mixed cocktails, perfect ratio & decorations were so unique! Immaculate vibes all around! I definitely recommend for a girls night out or any occasion 💖


I really like this place! I like the different rooms and picture opportunities. I love how it brings together and allows artists we would never heard of otherwise, showcase their talents. Love the idea and the outcome. Will go back.


Super cute fun girls night out activity before dinner. Definitely instagram worthy, giving you a ton of colorful themes and backgrounds as you make your way through the museum.This museum grabs your attention at the first room you enter and continues throughout your experience. Great idea for everyone, kids and adults. Ending our mini adventure at the neon colorful bar was a bonus. Drinks were just as delightful as the museum. Would absolutely recommend!


We went with our family the day after Thanksgiving, and we had such a great time! Our mostly grown grandchildren and grown children had such a fun time with all of the exhibits


All I have to say is OH MY GOODNESS!! This place is incredible!! The hotel is vibrant and so fun! So many cool rooms! The content gives main character energy and Alex was serving more than just drinks! She was amazing! Thank you all for the great experience!


Was an experience of a lifetime, we really enjoyed ourselves and the bar was amazing. The employees were fun and bubbly this spot is a must in the dfw area!