Our Story

You're invited to check in at Sweet Tooth Hotel - Dallas's most indulgent stay. Concepted by husband and wife, Cole and Jencey Keeton, Sweet Tooth Hotel brings together work by some of DFW's most innovative artists and a curated selection of products and sweets to purchase in The Gift Shoppe

Sweet Tooth Hotel's current location is in a 1,200 sq. ft. experiential art and retail pop up space in Victory Park. The first installation sold out and a second installation "1955" will run November 1 - December 31. So make sure to grab a ticket, we're only open for a limited time!

Chapter Two: "1955"

Sweet Tooth Hotel invites you to suit up in holographic space gear and buckle into a rainbow-powered rocket ship to journey past the land of sugar and into our next pop up installation titled “1955”. If you missed out on visiting the first sold out run of Sweet Tooth Hotel, you can look forward to visiting chapter two of the series which explores the theme of retrofuturism through a swirl of color and a step back in time…to the future.

“1955” incorporates references to some of the most beloved design from mid-century atomic to the Space Age, harkening back to a time when everyone was looking towards outer space and the limitless potential of technology. Artists have created work addressing retrofuturism, which is characterized by depictions of the future produced in an earlier era and explores the tension of future and past and between the alienating and empowering effects of technology.

Featuring five interactive spaces, brought to life from a burst of colorful oil from a rocket ship fueled by rainbows, viewers will be able to interact with new creations by previous collaborators, Built by Bender, Jeremy Biggers, Rob Wilson, Jojo Chuang and Shamsy Roomiani, along with new Sweet Tooth Hotel artists Hatziel Flores and Drigo. Each of the following artists will take over an entire room and use one color as the main hue and inspiration for their work, Jeremy Biggers – Red, Hatziel Flores – Blue, Drigo – Yellow and Rob Wilson – White. 

Open November 2 – December 31, “1955” will see the current 1,200 sq. ft. space in Victory Park reimagined with a revamp of the artist spaces and an expanded Gift Shoppe featuring limited edition products and artist works. This is the final installation at this space, with plans for a larger venue in 2019.

Make sure to grab tickets before we sell out!



Fueled by the power of the rainbow, this rocketship allows you to peer into infinity from every angle. The rainbow oil has leaked down the hallway, wrecking havoc on the hotel!



Rocketing to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no human has gone before.

They can meet me in outerspace. We could spend the night, watch the Earth come up.




A group of extraterrestrials are here from 1955 looking for new human pets to take home...and they really like to dance!




When you dine at the Astral Diner you are entering a non-physical realm of existence. You resemble the stars; anything can happen.




About: 50’s pop art reference, signature lips, new medium resin sign and light, design feel more like graphic design that is more illustrative.



A rainbow oil spill, leaking out of the rocket ship, is corroding this area and bizarre things are sprouting. Abnormal plant-life, invasive space amoeba, meteoroids with shamstone crystal deposits, and contaminated fungi are taking root and spreading. Mysterious symbols have emerged from this affected space, revealing archaic secrets of what lies beyond.




With interior design by Nicole Davis and creation in collaboration with her husband Adam Davis, this spacey duo’s design will have you floating weightlessly in no time! Inspired by the saccharine sweet palette of vintage grocery stores, Nicole has taken our gift shoppe to the next galaxy!

Are you tired of being stuck to the ground? Dig into a crispy bowl of Astro Puffs! Now with enhanced asteroid-powered technology and proprietary anti-gravity mallows! How about a sugary bite at the Big Dipper Bakery? The word from the bird is our Jupiter Jelly Cakes, Moon Muffins, and Deep Space Donuts are the best in the galaxy! Stop by and shoot for the stars, Daddy-o!




The colorful interactive projections oozing from the retro-future ship transport viewers to another dimension. As spectators walk down the hallway, the rocket’s rainbow fuel whirls around them, creating an out-of-this-world experience.



The path to space is paved in color. An homage to the retro-futurism of the 1950s, the installation utilizes atomic motifs and vinyl tape to create a geometric pathway to Sweet Tooth Hotel--encouraging viewers to stop and look around as they enter the immersive experience.

As a bonus to this installation, curious guests will be able to watch the creation of “1955” on Instagram at the newly launched @buildsweettoothhotel.


Chapter One

The first installation of Sweet Tooth Hotel delivered five sugar-themed interactive rooms based on popular treats. Each room was thoughtfully crafted by Built By Bender, a design and fabrication shop whose roster includes a variety of clients from Legacy Hall to the City of Plano, with lots of hidden surprises to uncover

In addition to the "hotel rooms", artists Jeremy Biggers, Shamsy Roomiani, Jojo Chuang and Chelsea Delzell created individual installations incorporated into the space. Rob Wilson, Beau Bollinger of Hairstory, Dani Goodman of Goodies Cakery and Ruben Burgess also created individual pieces of work.

Built By Bender

Built By Bender is owned and operated by three brothers Ariel, Milan, and Aaron Bender. Born and raised Texans, with a passion for art & design, they are responsible for the design and fabrication of five rooms in Sweet Tooth Hotel including the Sunset Lounge, Sprinkle Spa, Dream Suite, Candy Cuisine and the Surprise room. 

Jeremy Biggers: Candy Paint Drippin'

From drawing to painting to graphic design to photography to videography, Jeremy Biggers has been involved with image making his entire life. He attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where he primarily focused on expression through graphite and charcoal drawing. During his college years, he cultivated his love for painting and photography, and they've since cemented themselves into his everyday life. As with most artists, his work is shaped by experiences that inform his view of the world. His goal with each piece is to inspire conversation. His work mixes realism with a design aesthetic.

To inspire this exclusive collaboration, Biggers said, “My work involving lips is about sensuality through decadence and opulence and is representative of all human interaction and communication. I wanted my pieces for this space to match the flirty and fun motifs while commanding serious attention."

Shamsy Roomiani: Rainbow Confection

Shamsy Roomiani is a native Texas visual artist who relishes her time spent outdoors amongst the natural world. She received a Fine Arts degree in Printmaking and a BA in Marketing from The University of North Texas. She works in various art forms such as printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and installation art. In addition to being a maker, Roomiani teaches workshops in DFW and hosts print and paper related events for companies such as the Nasher Sculpture Center, Neiman Marcus, West Elm, and NorthPark Center. She has been featured in The Dallas Morning News, The North Texan, The Star-Telegram, D Magazine, and the Dallas Observer.

In reference to her art installation, "The relationship of water and plants is an ongoing theme in my work. I was inspired to create a space made of plant raindrops, cotton candy clouds, my fluorescent crystal Shamstones, and neon rainbows. The title of my installation ‘Rainbow Confection’ is my nod to Jim Henson’s ‘The Rainbow Connection.’"

For her Leatherology collaboration, Roomiani said, “I fused a vintage 1970’s style and color together with the raindrop theme I have been developing in my fine art to create a design that is wondrous yet inspired by the natural world."

Jojo Chuang: Cotton Candy Island, Sweet Tooth Set and Melting Bar Display Cases

Taiwanese designer Jojo Chuang was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Chuang received his Master of Fine Arts in 3D design from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2014 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from National Taiwan Normal University in 2009.

Chuang Utilizes his unique background to develop himself into a hybrid of Designer / Artist / Maker. The varieties of his works further showcase his hybrid nature, which includes graphic design, pattern design, illustration, painting, furniture, design object and design culture research. Additionally, Chuang hosts art classes in Downtown Plano and had pop up events with companies like West elm. Chuang’s have been recognized by 1530 Main, Designboom and multiple online media platforms. On top of that, his works are collected by Chicago’s Volume Gallery and Trapholt Museum in Denmark.

For the exclusive collaboration, Chuang pulled off the idea of “sweet tooth” into collectable furniture pieces with unique texture and shape mimicking actual candy like the Cotton Candy Island + Sweet Tooth set. He also captures how sweets melt with the Melting Bar display cases, giving audience a whole new experience on both visual and interactive experience.

Chuang using the collaboration opportunity with Leatherology to visualize the developing process in his mind. He provides a short poem to further accentuate this concept.

I packed the wonderful ingredients I encountered,

Mix them, bake them.

Through the window,

watching the fragment of thoughts,

Crystalizing and transforming

Fermenting and bubbling.

After all the steam vanished, I hope we can all find what we need.

Chelsea Delzell: Horizon

“Sweet dreams of you
Things I know can't come true
Why can't I forget the past, start loving someone new
Instead of having sweet dreams about you”-Patsy Cline
“Horizon” is a dream scene, based on Patsy Cline’s song “Sweet Dreams”.

A Horizon is where the earth and sky meet. It is the boundary of one’s field of vision where the known and the unknown meet. What lies beyond the Horizon is possibility of change. The viewer is encouraged to listen to the song while viewing the scene for the full complete installation.

Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson is an illustrator and graphic designer whose work has appeared in many books and magazines including The Wall Street Journal, Variety, Self, Sweet Paul Magazine and D Magazine. His client list includes Dell, HarperCollins, Charles Schwab, UPS and Horsethief Pictures. Wilson is the creator of the icon for "Welcome to Night Vale," one of the most downloaded podcasts in the world. He designed the cover for the novelization of the podcast, which Paste Magazine listed as one of "The 10 Best Book Covers of October 2015." The book debuted at #4 on the New York Times Bestseller List and had been featured in The New York Times, Huffington Post, NPR, CNN, LA Times and on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Rob Wilson teamed up with Leatherology, to create an artistically original display wall and limited edition hand painted designs on exclusive items for Sweet Tooth Hotel. 

For this exclusive collaboration, Wilson said, “I loosely created images on the bags in a similar style as I would with my pen and ink illustrations. I applied a limited, bold palette —red and white peppermint colors— that pops on the black leather. The bold colors and illustrative paint styles bring an element of Sweet Tooth Hotel into each item. Plus, I like dogs, and I like candy (who doesn't!), so I thought the two would go together perfectly in some of the designs.”

Beau Bollinger: Confection Wigs

Beau Bollinger is a 15 year + hairdresser/amateur photographer and Director at Hairstory Studio Dallas. Individualized hair cutting, lived-in, wearable cuts.  Focusing on the personal connection with clients and bringing out their best selves through the daily, non-removable, wardrobe piece, hair.

For the Sweet Tooth Hotel collaboration, Beau and Wes Sharpton created a set of elaborate sugar-themed wigs for the "Sprinkle Spa".

Goodies Cakery: Candy Cuisine Cakes

Goodies Cakery, formerly know as Goodies by Dani, specializes in custom cakes that make your celebration magical. Browse through her enchanting cakes to get inspiration for maybe even your own Goodies Cakery cake.

You can find Dani's creations in our Candy Cuisine room if you are bold enough to rummage through our kitchen cabinets.

Ruben Burgess: Sweet Tooth Hotel Uniforms

Known for his recognizable style of continuous line drawing, Ruben Burgess's work has been seen at Traffic LA, Furia by Tragant Pop Up and Hairstory Studio Dallas. You'll see Ruben's hand-drawn uniforms on each of our concierge staff members at Sweet Tooth Hotel.