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It's time to satisfy your cravings. We invite you to check in at Sweet Tooth Hotel, a 1,200 sq. ft. experiential art and retail pop up in Dallas. Imagine a world where sweets are larger than life. With fantastical desserts and surprises behind every door, Sweet Tooth Hotel brings together work by some our favorite artists and brands including Built By Bender, Jeremy Biggers, Rob Wilson, Dan Lam, Jay Wilkinson, Chelsea Delzell, Hairstory, Read Between the Lines, JOY Macarons, Kate Weiser Chocolate and Leatherology.

Encompassing five unique rooms, featuring oversized sweets and themed after some of our favorite movie directors, Sweet Tooth Hotel delivers endless Insta-moments, awe-inspiring creations and a curated Gift Shoppe which is also open for shopping 24/7 online. And everything is yours to shop - from the giant LED candy crystal to the neon bananas!

Make sure to grab a ticket, we're only open for a limited time!