The Playlist Music Series Has Arrived

Exciting news for music lovers in Dallas-Fort Worth! Sweet Tooth Hotel is proud to announce the launch of two new music series that will offer a diverse range of live performances. The first series, After Hours, will showcase established local and touring artists from various genres, including pop, rock, and hip hop, while the second series, The Playlist, will feature up-and-coming local talent in a more intimate setting. Both series will take place at Sweet Tooth Hotel and will provide music fans with the opportunity to discover new artists and enjoy a wide range of sounds in an inviting atmosphere. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to experience live music and explore our entire interactive gallery space!

The Playlist

The Playlist is a series that showcases the best of local emerging artists from the DFW area, offering a platform for them to perform in front of a supportive and enthusiastic audience. Each event will feature a diverse range of genres, from indie rock to hip hop, R&B, and more. Whether you're a music aficionado or just looking for a fun night out, The Playlist is the perfect place to discover new and exciting talent. Join us at Sweet Tooth Hotel for an unforgettable musical experience and support the next generation of artists from DFW!

The Playlist at Sweet Tooth Hotel


19-year-old Remy Reilly is not only a singer and songwriter with a voice mature beyond her age, but she also plays the drums and piano. Remy got her start performing all around DFW. Remy’s love for music began early on at the age of 2 with singing. By the time she was just five years old, she was already writing her own music. Inspired by artists like Foster The People, Norah Jones, and The Cure, this teenage powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with and a fresh new face in the Dallas music scene. A songwriter wise beyond her years, Remy's first single tackles mature topics like bullying and self-love. "Remy's songs are really next level, she has killer lyrics and such a cool view of the craft,” said Josh Fleming, frontman of The Vandoliers, “she is going to do great things.” The debut EP was created locally at Modern Electric Sound Recorders within a year’s time. Reilly teamed up with producers Jason Burt (Medicine Man Revival), Jordache Grant, and Charlie Wiles who helped make her vision come true. “I’m so thankful for people like Remy in my life to keep my on my toes,” said Burt. “She has a unique songwriting style already and it’s an honor to help her vision; she’s going somewhere fast!” Here latest release "Lost With Out You" produced by Matt Pence and Sarah Jaffe is out now and in rotation at KXT in Dallas.



Pop singer-songwriter, Elyse Jewel broke into the music scene with her debut single, Thinking about You, which won "2019 Pop Song of the Year" in the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Her crisp, singer-songwriter vocals, paired with dreamy sonic textures and a Pop heartbeats grip listeners, guaranteeing an upbeat experience whether she is commanding the House of Blues stage, or captivating an intimate crowd for an acoustic set.


When she released her debut album Paradise in 2020, Dallas-Fort Worth-native Averi Burk was on a journey to healing, embodied in songs that juxtapose darkness and light with tones that are heavy, intimate and uplifting. She went through “Hell” to find “Light,” and while the process of healing isn’t linear, she’s managed to thrive with her family, both natural and chosen, by her side. Authenticity breathes through each of her songs, written and sung over electronic pop and rock-driven beats. Always incorporating live instrumentation in her music, Averi is well-versed in guitar, drums, and piano. One thing that sets Averi apart is her live performance. Her shows rock you to your core while being raw, powerful, engaging and immersive. Every concert offers fans an opportunity to experience intense energetic performances that are equal parts exciting and inspiring. On her new EP I Feel Weird Sometimes, she is open about her mental health, prioritizing her joy and her loved ones. On “But Jesus Loves Me,” she is unashamed and unabashed about her queerness, while knowing she is still loved by God. Songs like “Alien” and “I Feel Weird Sometimes” feel like an empowering therapy session, especially at her live shows, as she opens up about her anxiety and depression. On “Baby Girl” and “333,” she finds love, within others and within herself, all while remembering who she’s meant to be.


At 16 years old, Kaatii calls the shots. While most young teens spend their free time at the mall, playing video games or watching movies, Kaatii is busy making music that’s featured on the CW33, KXT 91.7 FM, Wish 107.5 LA and a variety of music industry tastemaker publications such as Rolling Stone IN, Flaunt Magazine, PopMatters, VENTS, Dallas Observer, and Music Connection Magazine. Kaatii is consistently in the studio, writing with artists twice their age, and working on her craft. As collaborator, grammy award-nominated singer-songwriter, Kara Connolly, puts it, “Kaatii is playing the guitar, providing a playlist of reference tracks, selecting sounds, sending mix notes and confirming revisions...Kaatii is the real deal-the one driving the ship.” When you think of a 16-year-old singer, what typically comes to mind is the Disney Channel—Hannah Montana—not the introspective, fearless, alt-rock, indie-pop artist that they are.


Like so many of us that were re-discovering ourselves through the existential crisis of the pandemic, The Dirty Shirts singer/songwriter Nick Santa Maria was doing the same and found himself diving headfirst into soaring guitars, disco beats, and sequined mod-inspired threads. Having found himself off the road for the first time after years of playing as a sideman for other artists, Nick finally had the time to return to writing songs of his own, constructing what would become the soundtrack to his new reality. The lockdown gave him time & perspective into what he truly wanted to do with his life, and rather than building someone else’s temple, he’d build his own.

After reconnecting & writing a handful of songs with childhood friend & fellow studio/touring musician Cameron Moreland and experimenting with a heady spectrum of soundscapes, The Dirty Shirts was born. What arose married the nostalgia of the Warped Tour era of music they grew up playing with the shimmering atmospheres and image of the glam rock and pop music they’d come to love. The combined music and aesthetic that The Dirty Shirts have cultivated, dubbed “Dance Floor Rock n Roll”, was a response to the drudgery we universally felt from exhaustive quarantines. Nick writes to remind people of the uninhibited times and badass music of the past, with the hope of debaucherous times to come. Songs that remind us of blaring music with your friends, shouting the lyrics deep into the early hours, and not worrying about the vaccination status of your uber driver..

Proudly wearing influences from The Strokes to Gorillaz, with hints of David Bowie on their sleeves, The Dirty Shirts hit the ground running with live shows throughout their native Texas in March 2021 after the long awaited release of vaccinations. Soon after, they released multiple singles and a music video, and recorded their debut full-length album with Grammy-winning producer Tre Nagella, which they released on May 6, 2022. With a string of national tour dates planned for 2022, a love for the past, a hopeful eye on the future, and a drink in hand, The Dirty Shirts are bringing their soundtrack for the new normal (if there ever was one) to the masses.


It’s been five years since 23-year-old singer-songwriter Ceci Callejas left her home in Nicaragua to attend college in San Antonio. Out of boredom, she bought a guitar to pass the time and started playing songs for her friends. Their feedback quickly made her realize how far her talent could take her.

She moved to Denton, an eccentric city known for punk rock, noise, and house shows, to pursue music and build her artistry. With a piece of paper and a Sharpie, she made a simple flyer looking for a producer and posted them around bookstores and coffee shops, a common approach taken by many college students and aspiring musicians. It worked.

In 2020, Callejas, now professionally known as Ceci Ceci, released her first track “Enciclopedias,” a tribute to her late father and her most-streamed song on Spotify. The next year she released her three-track EP “Fruta Tropical,” which she calls an “ode to Latin American music” with a twist of Son Cubano and ska. Her lyrics speak of her experience as a migrant, her hometown in Nicaragua, and her culture.


“SPCMN” (pronounced as spaceman) is very genre-bending but pop music at is core. “SPCMN” is evolving to a conceptual project where I’m creating these stories that have artists sings as characters to push the narrative of the story that I want to tell both in audio and visuals. I would even consider myself as the Director of SPCMN at this point because it takes a whole team to bring the vision I have to life and with the album, I’m currently working on, it feels like I’m Quentin Tarantino creating album and directing the artists to bring this story to life and pushing the boundaries of how music can be heard in a continued narrative. I think once the rollout starts to happen for this album, that music and the way we’re presenting it will start to set me apart from others.