The Journey Home: An Artistic Odyssey by Risa Iwasaki Culbertson

In the bustling art world of San Francisco, where creativity knows no bounds, one artist stands out for her unique blend of whimsy, color, and heartfelt emotion. Risa Iwasaki Culbertson, a biracial artist born in Japan, has not only captured hearts but also provided solace through her enchanting art installation, "The Journey Home."

Risa wears many hats as a fiber artist, illustrator, and the owner of Papa Llama, a playful stationery company. Her journey into the world of art began as a means to bridge the gap between her two worlds, her biracial identity, and her love for creativity. Inspired by the healing and connective power of humor and play, she creates her wacky, whimsical, and colorful work as a way to process grief, deep emotions, and create a place of belonging.

The heart of Risa's work lies in her exploration of various mediums, ranging from paper art, felting, sculpting, illustration, to stop-motion animation. Yet, it's her recent love affair with wool that has truly captured her creative spirit. According to Risa, working with wool feels like "working with cotton candy," a tactile delight that brings her closer to her artistic essence.

Risa's artistic journey began with the joy of creation, and one of her earliest memories involves crafting tiny origami paper foods in Japan. Seeing the delight it brought to her family ignited the understanding that art had the power to bring joy to others. With this realization, she embarked on a creative odyssey that continues to inspire her today.

For those just beginning their artistic journey, Risa has valuable advice. She recommends creating as much as possible, without the pressure of perfection. By laying out a collection of their work and identifying recurring themes in subjects, color palettes, or line work, artists can uncover their unique creative voice. Risa believes that our creative soul knows its identity; it just takes time for our minds to catch up.

"The Journey Home" is a testament to Risa's creative journey and the power of art in healing. Inspired by the grief of losing her father, Risa transformed her living room into a haven of comfort and joy. The installation blends her vibrant, colorful world with the space where she found solace during her grieving process. It's a place where forests and growing grass symbolize growth, where tea and treats welcome friends, and where soft textures offer comforting embraces when words fail.

In Risa's words, "Here, you are always welcomed. Here, you are not alone in your journey home."

As for future endeavors, Risa has no shortage of ideas. She loves taking over large spaces, inviting people to step in, interact, and play. Her artistic journey continues to evolve, promising more delightful and meaningful installations that bridge the gap between the imaginative world inside her head and the tangible spaces we all inhabit.

Risa Iwasaki Culbertson's "The Journey Home" is more than just an art installation. It's a testament to the healing power of art, the resilience of the human spirit, and the ability to find joy amidst grief. With her playful and imaginative creations, Risa invites us all to embark on a journey home – a journey that connects us to our creative selves and to the comforting embrace of art. We hope to see you soon to experience it for yourself!