DMAGAZINE: Sweet Tooth Hotel Will Return in November with a ‘Rocket Ship’ and ‘Rainbows’

Dallas’ local (and less lethal) spin on the Museum of Ice Cream was a hit when it debuted this summer. The selfie-ready pop-up curated by Cole and Jencey Keeton, featuring sugar-themed works from Dallas artists such as Rob Wilson, Shamsy Roomiani, and Jeremy Biggers, sold out the majority of its June shows and extended its residency through August 31.

Sweet Tooth’s success is great for the participating artists, most of whom have never seen their works so heavily interacted with on social media (there are currently more than 4,300 photos tagged with #sweettoothhotel on Instagram), but it also gives the Keetons incentive to keep reimagining the concept. “The goal has always been that we do this for the summer, close, and then we do a refresh,” said Jencey earlier this summer. “We were just really in awe of how excited everyone has been in Dallas. People here just got it immediately.”