Sweet Tooth Hotel sure to give you a sugar rush

DALLAS--Something sweet is popping up in Victory Park in Dallas.

The Sweet Tooth Hotel, created by Jencey and Cole Keeton is a magical art and retail pop-up shop.

“We came up with this concept of the hotel where you check in and there`s all different rooms and we wanted to fuse the art and the retail part of it for Dallas,” said Keeton.

This confection heaven is made up of five interactive rooms designed by Built by Bender, and features works from Dallas-based artists Jeremy Biggers, Shamsy Roomiani, Jojo Chuang, Chelsea Delzell, Rob Wilson, Beau Bollinger, Ruben Burgess and Dani Goodman.

“You can interpret a lot of the rooms in your own way, they’re all based on candies and then we also incorporated our own movie directors as well,” she said.