DMagazine: Sweet Tooth Hotel Goes Digital for Discotech

Sweet Tooth Hotel, Dallas’ original pop-up artist collective, opened its third installment last night in Victory Park. Since making its debut one year ago, the popular creation of Jencey and Cole Keeton has doubled in size and made a permanent home next door to Olivella’s on Victory Park Lane. In its latest form, Sweet Tooth Hotel channels a futuristic Discotech with mirrored globes, flashing lights, and lots of glitter. Each “suite” was created by local artists, many of whom contributed to previous editions, including Shamsy Roomiani, Jeremy Biggers, Tramaine Townsend, new media studio px.lab, and Built by Bender.

Photo by Timothy Alsbrooks for Sweet Tooth Hotel.

At the check-in desk, you’ll find a backdrop of conversation hearts, a neon ice cream cone, and a trolley of suitcases overflowing with colorful goop. Walk through the double doors marked with an S, and you enter a hallway blooming with roses. The buds are made from foam sheets, but they almost look like they were plucked off a wedding cake and stuck to the walls. The hall has four pink doors, two open and two hanging “Do Not Disturb” signs.