Announcing Topo Chico x Sweet Tooth Hotel

We're thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Topo Chico for the creation of a stunning new art installation by the talented fiber artist, Hannah Busekrus! 

Hannah describes her art installation Sabores Splash as a deep dive into the bold and bright flavors of Topo Chico Sabores. She aimed to create an immersive trip into the underwater party her tastebuds have when she drinks any of the Sabores, blueberry hibiscus, ginger orange, and minty lime; they are all delicious! The textural elements she's added using rug tufting represent the feel of the carbonation, a zillion tiny bubbles, a little prickly on the tongue, and yet still soft somehow. 

Pulling inspiration from fruit, sun, and tropical vibes. she's created a rug-tufted tropical paradise perfect for you to kick back and relax in the vibrant and colorful atmosphere.

Meet Hannah

Hannah Busekrus of Hanasaurusrex and /h//s/r/ textiles, is a fiber artist, yarn bomber, illustrator and all around awesome person who was also part of Craft Yarn Council's Humans That Yarn campaign. Hannah's journey in the world of fiber arts began in 2006 in Honolulu, where she honed her skills in micro crochet jewelry, knit finger puppets, and crocheted dolls. Her passion for showcasing her work led her to engage in yarn-bombing, leaving her mark on communities in Hawaii and Austin, Texas. Since then, her pieces have garnered recognition across exhibitions in both states, including her previous installation, "So Cozy," featured at Sweet Tooth Hotel’s locations in Victory Park and Allen. 

We first met Hannah in the summer of 2019 (it seems like forever ago) when our partners at Craft Yarn Council introduced us to her colorful rug tufting and whimsical yarn bombs along the streets of Austin, TX. Since then, her work has been showcased at two of our Sweet Tooth Hotel locations, and we're excited to bring her back with her newest work in partnership with our friends at Topo Chico! 


If her work seems familiar, that's probably because it is! Hannah's first installation with us "So Cozy" became an instant fan favorite, featuring larger-than-life rug tufted cat and mouse characters and over 1100 skeins of yarn! 


Read below to get to know Hannah and learn more about her installation opening here:

What is your medium of choice and why?

"My medium is fiber. I work with various yarns and thread from cotton and acrylic to different wools, like alpaca and cashmere. I don’t know if I chose yarn, or if it chose me, haha! All I know is I’ve been creating with it since I was a child and my grandmother taught me to crochet, like her mother taught her. I am also a graphic designer and illustrator, and when I realized I could create my 2D creations in 3 dimensions using yarn as the medium and crochet, knitting, and now rug tufting as the method, I was hooked—absolutely pun intended!"



What's your earliest memory of creating art? 

"My earliest memories of making art are in elementary school. I did a watercolor painting my mother cherished. I began crocheting at seven years old, but I was mainly drawing and painting when I was young. A lot of clowns and dragons and eyes… I couldn’t tell you why mostly those three things haha."

Do you have advice for artists who are just starting out?

"Yes. Don’t give up. Repeat after me. Don't. Give. UpThere will be difficult times; it could mostly be difficult times! And it could take a long time to get where you want to go. Keep creating true to yourself, and your audience will find you. Oh and network, network, network. Go to art shows, community events, and be active on social, commenting and sharing others' work. This introvert can tell you, you’re not always going to be comfortable, but if you step outside of your comfort zone even a few times, it can make a big difference."