Ready to Explore Sweet Tooth Motel?

Sweet Tooth Motel has arrived in Fort Worth at The Foundry District and we've brought back some of our favorite installations from the past three years. Don't miss your chance to explore these rooms for a limited time.

Installations were created by and in collaboration with Houz of Noel, Dream Maker Builds, Built By Bender, Jencey Keeton, Cole Keeton, Jordan Castilleja, Beau Bollinger, and The Moto Conspiracy. Lighting design by Aaron Johansen and Will Elphingstone. Special thanks to Becca Hummel, Vero Deal, Marquis Muldrow, Abi Stroud, Morgan Werthern, and our friends at The Foundry District.

Enjoy these photos with some of our favorite creatives, Ronnie Heart, Tony Green, Kendall McCrae, and Hannah Elizabeth Jordan. Shot by photographer TA Visuals. Don't forget to Book Your Tickets ahead of time! 

The Lobby Building

Inside the Lobby Building at 2600 Weisenberger, you'll find five immersive exhibits including Salon Sweet, Sprinkle Spa, Tug, Reign, and Garden of Light.

Salon Sweet created by Houz of Noel and Jencey Keeton, Shot by TA Visuals, Models: Kendall McCrae and Hannah Elizabeth Jordan.

Sprinkle Spa created by Dream Maker Builds, Built By Bender, Cole Keeton, Jencey Keeton, Beau Bollinger, Jordan Castilleja, Morgan Werthern, and Houz of Noel. Shot by TA Visuals, Model: Kendall McCrae.

TUG (Heartstrings) created by Jencey Keeton with special thanks to Marquis Muldrow (fabrication) and Becca Hummel.

Reign created by Built By Bender, Cole Keeton, The Moto Conspiracy, and Ramon Neon Signs. Shot by TA Visuals, Model: Tony Green. 

The Motel

Sweet Tooth Motel has two installations, Sunset Lounge and Stay Sweet Bakery, housed inside of a twenty foot shipping container. A new exterior mural, created by SM Sanz is on the outside.

Sunset Lounge created by Built By Bender, Cole Keeton, and Jencey Keeton. Fabricated by Deam Maker Builds and Jordan Castilleja. Shot by TA Visuals, Model: Kendall McCrae. 


Stay Sweet Bakery created by Dream Maker Builds, Morgan Werthern, Cole Keeton, and Jencey Keeton. Shot by TA Visuals.

The Foundry District

While you're here, immerse yourself in Inspiration Alley - one of Texas' only permanent outdoor art galleries. Grab a meal at a chef-driven restaurant, local brews from a distillery, and shop vintage and vinyl.

We hope to see you soon at Sweet Tooth Motel! Visit for more information and to book tickets.