Meet the Artists of Discotech

Are you ready for more details about our chapter three installation, Discotech? In collaboration with px.lab, a mixed reality studio focused on large-scale new media productions, Discotech will combine music and new media to create interactive audio-visual installations. Inviting guests to step into the shoes of a pop star and...become an icon. You're invited to check in, throw on a pair of Sweet Tooth Hotel silent disco headphones and explore the newly expanded 5,000 sq. ft. space, complete with a bar.

In addition to Discotech, Sweet Tooth Hotel will utilize our previous space to present two solo artist exhibits in larger separated “hotel” rooms concepted by Dallas creatives Tramaine Townsend and Shamsy Roomiani.


As a mixed media visual artist, most mediums Tramaine uses are in photography, design, film and animation. A strong purveyor of aesthetic, his works have been taking on the roll of narration as well. Creating bodies of work that go along a story usually within itself or for a larger construct that he’s ever building. Tramaine’s works explores a minimal approach with calculated production and intensive design. Utilizing these subjects in various mediums for viewers to align it as an experience. One through simple and direct imagery.

Tramaine recently showed Suspense as part of Aurora 2018 and is also known for his directorial work for Blue,The Misfit and Bobby Sessions. He brings his piece Deified to STH for the 2019 artist installation series.

Artist Statement: Deified

With our attentions spanning across multiple technological platforms at once, one thing that is key; our interests have garnered new heights. One post can signify a multitude of emotions and thoughts. Glorifying our surroundings and lives that could be more appealing than the average human. If it’s more consistent and believable, we can gain larger attention to those unknown or we feel should know. “All eyes on me (you)”. This is the desired effect after all. We hold these to the highest law of the land. One post can make or break you privately or publicly. In today’s standards, it more often than not blends the two. Deified takes this theory and materializes it in one room. Surrounding viewers with cameras in one room. No telling who may be watching on the other end. One or many. Recorded or live. On the other side of it, the room is covered in mirrors. Those watching being watched. It causes an infinite illusion of never truly knowing who is there. Too large to account for.


Shamsy Roomiani is no stranger to Sweet Tooth Hotel, presenting work in our chapter one installation titled Rainbow Confection and chapter two installation titled The Great Conjuction. Shamsy is a native Texas visual artist who relishes her time spent outdoors amongst the natural world. She received a Fine Arts degree in Printmaking and a BA in Marketing from The University of North Texas. She works in various art forms such as printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and installation art. In addition to being a maker, Shamsy teaches workshops in DFW and hosts print and paper related events for companies such as the Nasher Sculpture Center, Neiman Marcus, West Elm, and NorthPark Center.

Shamsy is known for her shamstone crystal sculptures, her botanical cyanotypes, and ethereal floral installations. Her most recent solo exhibitions were ‘Hydroplantics’ at The Safe Room gallery at the Texas Theater and ‘Plantastic’ at Primer at Circuit 12 Contemporary.

Artist Statement: BedSpring

Coiled plant stems are grounded at the skirt of a bed as hundreds of flower heads spring upwards, intertwining to create a floral bed sheet bathed in warm golden light. When laying upon the bed, we meditate on the spectrum of floating florals as they lull us into a state of relaxation. The kaleidoscope of color hovering above, creates a sense of excitement as we wait in anticipation for the moment when the petals peacefully drift back down to envelop and comfort.


px.lab is a mixed reality studio focused on large-scale new media productions. They specialize in performative technologies including projection mapping, interactive audio-visual installations, and AR/VR experiences.