Meet Hatziel Flores

If you've been following Sweet Tooth Hotel since our first pop up in 2018 then you've experienced not one but two incredible installations from artist Hatziel Flores. Hatziel is a self-taught, contemporary artist from Dallas, who was born in Mexico City, and has been creating art since a very young age. His passion is to paint in a wide variety of mediums, primarily portraits. His diverse collections consist of explosive contemporary mixed media paintings portraying the beauty found within chaos. Internally driven and emotionally charged he continues to explore and convey his ideas. As you will see, his visions are unique and unlimited.

Starting with his first installation Personal Space, in our retrofuture exhibit 1955, Hatziel brought his incredible talent for merging illustration, graffiti, technology and an amazing eye for color combination which brings the entire piece to life.

Hatziel most recently created a second installation for our Rewind exhibit, titled Venus Room, that's currently on display at our Watters Creek location in Allen, TX.

Read on to learn more about Hatziel Flores and his advice for honing your craft and finding inspiration.

What makes you tick? Are there certain things from your background that led you down this path to become an artist?

Yes, Drawing, painting and creating became the best way to express emotion that I had no words for. It just made it easier for me as a teen and became my second voice.

What is your medium of choice and why?

I absolutely love spray paint. It never keeps you waiting, is fast and durable and it can go as big as you need it. But oil paint is a close second.

What is your earliest memory of creating art?

Drawing under the table, maybe about 4 or 5 years old. I really liked the design of the roadrunner and wanted to recreate on paper.

Where does your inspiration come from?

People and strong emotions. You know the ones that make you cry of joy or hurt to the core of your soul. Humanity is just so incredible and how absolutely beautiful they can be to one another, I always find the good and the bad inspiring.

Do you have advice for artists who are just starting out?

Same old advice. Practice 40 hours a week. Do what you love as long it doesn't hurt anyone else. Don't quit your day job right away, just feel like you did so your art can thrive until the art can sustain itself. If you're in school take as much as you can learn but don't let it dictate your work. Your voice is important, people like cover songs but there's nothing like the original. Be the creator or the recreator not the copier.

Where did the idea for your STH installation come from?

When I was doing my homework for the room I wanted a place of peace and serenity as I was dealing with many projects at the same time and would kill for a place of calm. Just wanting to go underwater where the sound just stops and you feel the world take a second and it feels like time slows down. This led to a rabbit hole of incredible cave images, calm environments and eventually to the work that you see today, allowing the space to present the most important person "you" the same way Venus was born.

What's next for you?

I will be working on a few private murals, a book cover for a very special friend, just finished a new set of designs for Siren Rock Brewing Co. (they should be releasing throughout next year) and this wonderful month a custom mural banner presented with STH x FC Dallas for their Hispanic Heritage month game.


Where can visitors find out more about your work?

Follow me on Instagram @hatziel