KXT x Sweet Tooth Hotel present The Playlist Local Concert Series

In the heart of Dallas, a new music series is making waves that transcends genres and delights audiences with an eclectic blend of musical talent. In celebration of October’s Local Music Month, Sweet Tooth Hotel and KXT have partnered to present The Playlist, a must-see event for music enthusiasts across the city. Featuring a diverse lineup of artists, each performance is a unique journey through the vibrant tapestry of independent music.

Join us at Sweet Tooth Hotel on Friday nights, 7:00pm - 9:00pm  in the Calirosa Cocktail Lounge, to see these electrifying acts. Best of all, entry is free!

Let's dive into the world of The Playlist and get to know the artists who are lighting up the stage.

Ben C. Jones: The Alt Pop and Blues Virtuoso

Ben C. Jones is a musical polymath, effortlessly traversing the realms of alt pop and blues. His multi-instrumental prowess has earned him accolades on renowned platforms like The KXT Local Show and even on NBC's Texas Today. As if that weren't impressive enough, he was a featured artist at the 817 Day showcase hosted by Amplify 817 in 2022. Ben's hit single "She's Fancy" has found a home in the regular rotation on KXT, a testament to his compelling musicality.

Parker Twomey: The Country Folk Maverick

A graduate of the prestigious Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, Parker Twomey has carved a unique path in the world of country folk music. His formative years were spent working at Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas, an experience that undoubtedly shaped his musical journey. In the summer of 2022, he unveiled his debut album, "All This Life," to critical acclaim. When he's not enthralling audiences with his own music, you can find Twomey as an integral part of Paul Cauthen's touring band.

DAMOYEE: The Multifaceted Musical Prodigy

DAMOYEE is a rising star with a diverse musical palette that includes pop, jazz, R&B, and soul. Her journey began at a remarkably early age when she started playing the piano at just two years old. At the age of 13, she released her first EP titled "Thankful." Beyond being a gifted musician, DAMOYEE is also a composer and has ventured into the world of music engineering. Her talents have graced numerous stages, including appearances on The KXT Local Show, Café Momentum's Sunday Supper Concert Series, and the AT&T Performing Art Center's Patio Sessions.

Northlake: The Alternative Ambassadors

Northlake is an alternative band that draws inspiration from classic acts like INXS and The Cars, as well as contemporary artists such as The 1975 and Briston Maroney. Their performances have ignited stages at iconic venues like Ruins in Deep Ellum and Tulips in Fort Worth. Notably, they even had the honor of opening for Bon Jovi at the American Airlines Center in May 2022, solidifying their position as a rising force in the alternative music scene.

Rafa: The Indie and Hip-Hop Alchemist

Hailing from the Rio Grande Valley and now a fixture of North Texas, Rafa is a genre-blurring artist. With his debut album, "Hola World," released last year, he made an indelible mark on the indie and hip-hop scene. Rafa is a prolific artist, constantly releasing new singles that span a wide spectrum of sounds, from hip-hop to indie rock, often weaving seamlessly between English and Spanish. His innovative spirit even led him to create a virtual artist persona named "Ella," showcasing his versatility and creativity.


Alexandra is a Dallas-based indie-pop singer/songwriter originally from Ohio, currently digging deep into her upcoming debut album. Ultimately, her goal is to create the perfect combination of authenticity and catchiness, a live show that wows you, and a found friend in her lyrics. Through catchy melodies, vivid imagery, and honest storytelling, she hopes to convey a sense of familiarity to her listeners.

"The Playlist" music series presented by Sweet Tooth Hotel and KXT is undoubtedly a testament to the rich and diverse musical talent that calls Dallas and North Texas home. With such an exciting lineup of artists, each performance promises a captivating journey through the kaleidoscope of independent music. Don't miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in the incredible soundscape that The Playlist offers—it's an experience you won't soon forget.

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