Artist Spotlight: Hatziel Flores

Hatziel Flores is a contemporary artist based in Dallas who is amazingly self-taught. Originally born in Mexico City and he has been creating art since a very young age. His passion is to paint in a wide variety of mediums, primarily portraits. His diverse collections consist of explosive contemporary mixed media paintings portraying the beauty found within chaos.

Flores, who's been creating art for as long as he can remember, describes his progression as an artist and how that integrated into his concept for Sweet Tooth Hotel.

“I was definitely influenced by graffiti in the beginning and later moved onto portraits as I got older,” Flores stated. “The idea of being able to express my emotions that reflect my inner thoughts is what sparked my interest.” 

Flores explains what it meant to be a part of such a unique concept. “Being a part of Sweet Tooth Hotel was a great opportunity to express myself and share a platform with other amazing artists” he said. “I was given artistic freedom & was able to see my vision executed in a larger scale.” 

(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lavin, D_Magazine)

Hatziel’s room "Personal Space" incorporates graffiti, typography, digital animation and paintings. Shockingly, it took him only five days to complete his spray-painted background. As a graffiti artist, it's valuable to work quickly and still create beautiful work when you're working on the street. His room, Personal Space is centered around the color blue and includes a robot bursting from the wall and a looming female astronaut with digitally animated eyes. Flores was inspired by 50's Sci-Fi, which is where the alien monster, and robot came into play. He expressed he was challenged when it came to putting the different media’s together when executing his vision, yet hopes that guest cherish this experience. 

(Photo Credit:  @jessicamarie127)

(Photo Credit: @urabob)

“I want people to be able to find it as a place to get away and escape their every day routine and hopefully perceive it as an experience to remember forever,” Flores said.

Self-criticism is one of the biggest obstacles Hatziel has had to overcome, especially when it comes to completing a vision. Yet he leaves other upcoming artists some advice when it comes to exposure and making a name for yourself. 

“One of the biggest keys is consistency, networking and reaching out to galleries,” Flores says. “Also, never stop refining your skill.”


You can keep up with all of Hatziel’s work on his website and Instagram. Next we'll be shining the spotlight on The Bender Brothers.

Stay sweet!