GUIDELIVE: Dallas' fervor over Sweet Tooth Hotel art installation has inspired space-themed spinoff

Sweet Tooth Hotel, a temporary art installation in Dallas' Victory Park, did more than whet the appetites of its Instagram-hungry attendees. It signaled that people in Dallas were willing to stand in line for an imaginary hotel where every room was decked out in colorful art.

Were they art lovers? Maybe. Were they dying to impress their friends on social media? Certainly. And if you weren't one of them, click here to look inside the fuzzy, foamy, saccharine, silly Sweet Tooth Hotel.

Sweet Tooth Hotel's creators, husband and wife Cole and Jencey Keeton, have just announced they will open a second art installation after the first closes. The new installation will be called Sweet Tooth Hotel: 1955 and will showcase "beloved design from mid-century atomic to the Space Age, harkening back to a time when everyone was looking towards outer space and the limitless potential of technology," says a press release.