#SweetToothHotel Snapshots

We love each and every one of our guests that stay with us. We hope that they leave with the joy and excitement that our staff members exude daily! We are also constantly amazed by the photos, video and stories being created in our immersive art installation "1955".

(Photo Credit: @_capturedbyjacob_)

Sweet Tooth Hotel was created to show appreciation and bring awareness to local Dallas artists and their artwork, BUT in a selfie-crazed world we know that photos are a big part of your stay! We’ve combed through social media and found some of our favorite shots from the installation thus far!

(Photo Credit: @_ximenav)

For those who may be challenged when it comes to taking photos, and which poses to strike, we've curated a few snapshots for inspiration.  

With "1955" the artists created their interpretation of outer space through the lens of retrofuturism, which allows you to test your creativity in getting the perfect shot. Just like Drake sings in Nice For What, “with your phone out, gotta hit them angles.” When you take your photo, remember it’s all about the angle! If you're unsure about how to create the best photo, be sure to ask your Sweet Tooth Hotel space cadets for help! We want to ensure you capture the perfect shot and create lasting memories. 

Anndddd, If you’re not feeling your fit, then you can always throw on a costume to make you feel more intergalactic! 

(Photo Credit: @nar_see)

We're always on the lookout for amazing photos to feature, so be sure to use #sweettoothhotel or tag @sweettoothhotel! We'll keep you updated with some of our favorite shots from this installation weekly.

Stay Sweet!!