That's a Wrap! 2018 In Review

It's been an amazing 2018 and we thought we'd end with a wrap up! Thanks to everyone who visited Chapter One and Chapter Two, we're excited for what 2019 has in store. We couldn't do this without you!

What's in a name? Sweet Tooth Hotel, despite the name isn’t actually a hotel, YET has a unique meaning. Whenever we have a “sweet tooth” for something we indulge ourselves in that pleasure. For all of our guests that come to visit, they get to indulge in their “sweet tooth," with each installation theme. The hotel part comes from the many rooms that you get to visit and immerse yourself in all while capturing some of your greatest moments before it’s time to check out!  

Photo Credit: Jonathan Zizzo

(Photo Credit: Jonathan Zizzo)

STH caused quite the chatter this past summer, after selling out our immersive limited-time art and retail candy themed pop-up installation. Due to the high demand from visitors, Sweet Tooth Hotel gained a couple of accolades. 

(Photo Credit: Jeremy Biggers)

1. USA Today ranked Sweet Tooth Hotel as one of the 10 BEST places in Dallas to see & do.

2. For 2018, WFAA showed that we were listed second under travel for what Texans googled the most. 

3. The Dallas Observer ranked Sweet Tooth Hotel as THE BEST of Dallas in Arts and entertainment for 2018.

4. We made Dallasites 101 first Best New Spots of 2018 list!

5. Lastly, Narcity listed us as one of 28 secret places to take your girlfriend to this winter and one of 30 this summer


(Photo Credit: @fitnessinspiredbynoel)

These awards and recognition mean so much to us and we’re so appreciative to the DFW residents, the various states, and countries that visited in 2018. We hope that you all will continue to love each installation as much we do!

Although we were once considered a pop-up, we are now here to STAY. We will be expanding into the vacant space next door making Victory Park our permanent residence. Sweet Tooth Hotel currently sits at 1,200 square feet and will be expanding to 5,000 square feet during summer 2019! That’s nearly four times the size it is now!! Chapter Three will be BIGGER and BETTER than ever! But, isn’t that with everything in Texas?

This summer, you can expect a totally new theme, and if you’ve experienced chapter two and listened to the clues from our 1955 radio station then you’d know that Chapter Three may cause, “increased heart rate, intense head bobbing, & involuntary booty shaking.”

STH will continue to bring together artwork from some of Dallas’ most innovative artists challenging them to create with a new theme each install. This holiday season STH re-opened with a theme that gave a nod to the fifties. Chapter Two, “1955” was all things intergalactic and retro-futurism. In addition to purchasing tickets for this install, we will now be offering memberships! Memberships are available in store and online for Chapter Three & have began to ship out.

Purchase yours now, before it’s too late! 

There are two different memberships you can choose from and here’s how they work!

You can purchase a Regular Membership at $75 which includes two tickets to our chapter three installation on the day of your choice, ($40 value, choose your tickets before on sale), Installation Day Preview Invitation, 10% off discount in the Sweet Tooth Hotel Gift Shoppe, Discounts on special programming and pop ups, and a Holographic stocking and Sweet Tooth Hotel "1955" sticker sheet. 

Our VIP Membership is priced at $150 and includes not one, but TWO VIP tickets to our chapter three installation on the day of your choice, ($80 value, choose your tickets before on sale). You’ll receive an installation day preview invitation, a VIP and Media Preview Party Invitation ($200 value), 15% off discount in the Sweet Tooth Hotel Gift Shoppe, a Holographic stocking and VIP Merch Package ($25 Value), AND discounts on special programming and pop ups. 

Our little hotel has officially closed for Chapter Two, BUT we want you to know what’s next!! Make sure to text SWEET to 484848 to be the FIRST to get all of our updates and to know when tickets for Chapter Three will be on sale!! We can’t wait for you all to experience what’s to come and we look forward to you booking your next stay! 

Stay Sweet!