Artist Spotlight: Hannah Busekrus

Hannah Busekrus of Hanasaurusrex and /h//s/r/ textiles, is a fiber artist, yarn bomber, illustrator and all around awesome person who was also part of Craft Yarn Council's Humans That Yarn campaign.

We first met Hannah in the summer of 2019 (it seems like forever ago) when our partners at Craft Yarn Council introduced us to her colorful rug tufting and whimsical yarn bombs along the streets of Austin, TX. We knew that Hannah was going to create something magical but she amazed us all by going above and way beyond.

Creating So Cozy

 Out of the eleven fiber art installations in Intangible, Hannah tackled one of the largest spaces in the exhibit. To cover the walls, she designed a psychedelic illustration that explores what might happen to cats when they’re under the influencer of cat nip! Using a tracer to project her illustration on the monks cloth, she tufted each panel using a handheld rug tufting gun and then glued the back once it was completed. She separated the illustration into more than 30 panels, which were lined up on the walls and attached using a staple gun and fabric glue. 

On the right side of the installation sits Scratch the cat who is almost 8’ long, 6’ wide and made out of 1/2” galvanized wire hardware cloth. Hannah cut the hardware cloth into pieces to assemble Scratch, much like a sewing pattern for a plush, stuffed cat would be created. She then created sewing pattern pieces that were tufted and then assembled onto Scratch to create the "fur".

On the left side of the installation sits a cat tail wall, utilizing a bright color-pop palette intermingling with patterns and textures. Marty the non-binary marionette mouse hovers nearby holding his cheese. Guests can move his arms up and down using levers.

Q. How many skeins of yarn did you use to create So Cozy?

A. Over 1,100. 


Q. What brand and fiber content did you use in your installation?

A. I used acrylic yarns from Red Heart Super Saver, Red Heart Soft and Caron One Pound

Q. What colors did you use for your installation?

I used 27 colors in my installation. I used really bright and fun colors and all but three of them were Red Heart Super Saver. 

Here's the final view of So Cozy, make sure to book your tickets to see all of the amazing installations in Intangible.

Hannah Busekrus - So Cozy