Announcing Rewind - A New Immersive Exhibit Opening Fall 2021

When each new art exhibit opens we swear that it's our favorite, so this year we decided to put a twist on things. What would happen if we merged seven artists creating in diverse mediums, brand new installations, and brought back some favorites from our past? You get Rewind, our ultimate favorite!

Rewind showcases one of our most incredible lineups of local and national artists to-date. Opening in a new location, nestled in the heart of Watters Creek at Montgomery Farms in Allen, TX, Rewind is taking over a 5,000 sq. ft. gallery space to showcase ten art installations. For those curious about the title, Rewind is defined as “Something that rewinds or is rewound. A function of an electronic device that reverses a recording to a previous portion.” Why did we chose this title? Well (drumroll), at the heart of the exhibit will sit a full blown vintage video store full of VHS tapes, with a few hidden spaces for guests to discover!

Rewind showcases a curation of artists, from painters to fiber artists, with purposefully different backgrounds and voices. Artists include Multidisciplinary Artist Andy Arkley (Seattle, WA), Fiber Artist and Graphic Designer Hannah Busekrus (Austin, TX), Fiber Artist and Illustrator Niki Dionne (Dallas, TX), Painter, Illustrator and Graffiti Artist Hatziel Flores (Dallas, TX), Fiber Artist and Muralist Sam Lao (Dallas, TX), Experience Producer Madison Mask (Dallas, TX), and Multidisciplinary Artist MOM (Dallas, TX). Each artist has been given a dedicated space to create their own unique art installation. For fans of previous Sweet Tooth Hotel exhibits, we're rebooting a few of our favorite installations. But we'll leave it a surprise! Read on to meet all of the artists of Rewind.

Andy Arkley is a visual artist, designer, musician, and animator who often combines these disciplines in his work. He strives to make work that fosters positivity and elation. Some of his work combines sculpture, light, music, animation, and interactivity, while other projects are static installations. His interactive pieces encourage creative collaboration between strangers, while his static installations use brightly colored, simple forms that are meant to invoke a sense of joy about being alive.

Hannah Busekrus is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. Adapting her background in graphic design and illustration, she creates three-dimensional characters and objects ranging from less than 1” tall to over 10’ tall using fiber as her main medium. She introduced fiber art into her practice in 2012, creating a large scale, site-specific, outdoor installation at the Honolulu Contemporary Art Museum (now part of the Honolulu Museum of Art, Spalding House) as part of The Fuzz, a 3 person yarn bomb collective. In 2014 she created her second large-scale, solo installation at Linekona, the Honolulu Museum of Art School featuring two towering 10’ 3” mermaids on the building’s front exterior columns. She is also an author and most recently added textile design to her CV creating her first line of unique punch needle jewelry made from recycled cashmere and other fine yarn fibers for her brand, / h // s / r / textiles.

Niki Dionne is a fiber artist and illustrator based out of Dallas, Texas. She’s an expert when it comes to pompoms and one of her biggest passions: drawing black women, living for care-free moments. Through her work, Niki explores how self-perceived identity shapes how women of color view themselves. Through various mediums including fiber, oil pastels, digital illustration and animation, Niki develops characters that all women can find themselves in. Every single thing she creates has a smart and carefree energy to it - whether it’s fiber art, an illustration or animation.

 Hatziel Flores is a self-taught, contemporary artist from Dallas. He was born in Mexico City and has been creating art since a very young age. His passion is to paint in a wide variety of mediums, primary portraits. His diverse collections consist of explosive contemporary mixed media paintings portraying the beauty found within chaos. Internally driven and emotionally charged he continues to explore and convey his ideas. His visions are unique and unlimited.

Sam Lao is a multidisciplinary artist based in Dallas, TX. As a UTA graduate with a BFA in Visual Communications, Lao’s work spans across many genres of art. From designing and painting vibrant murals across the city to crafting textile art that’s meant to be touched, Lao explores the life and source of ideas and of inspiration itself. The tactile nature of her current work subverts the old adage of ‘do not touch the artwork’ by inviting the viewer to do just that and in turn making a visual experience a physical one as well. 

MOM is a contemporary and multidisciplinary artist, active in Dallas, Tx since 2008. Her current work features a variety of mediums including vinyl, acrylic paint, and ready made objects. Inspired by experimentation with contrast and balance, her abstract landscape paintings are an optical feat riddled with explosive colors and hard-edge striping, giving the work a sense of trippy depth. MOM was recently featured on the Design Milk Everyday, Tastemade Home, and co-founded Dallas artist co-op & shop, Trade Oak Cliff.

Madison Mask started his career at an event planning agency. Since then he has gone on to produce events and brand activations at some of the largest industry trade shows across the country. With this corporate events background, he's now exploring his interest in creating more surreal and artistic experiences. His delve into creating installation started in 2020 with site-specific large sculpture pop ups under the moniker modest museum and immersive exhibits inside of his studio space.

Rewind is set to open on Saturday, October 15, 2021. Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for children 2-12 and $17 for students, senior citizens and military during the weekdays. Super Sweet tickets are available for $35 and include a limited edition Sweet Tooth Hotel merch pack featuring an enamel pin, sticker and a sweet treat. Children under the age of 2 are free.

Hours of entry are Tuesday - Thursday, 12:00pm – 6:00pm, Friday and Saturday, 12:00pm - 8:00pm and Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm. Entry is limited to every 30 minutes and the number of guests will be limited for the health and safety of all visitors.