A Message to Our Community

Dear Friends,

 I am heartbroken by the continued racial injustice and senseless killings of George Floyd and so many other Black Americans before him. As a team, we have been reflecting on what is happening in city, our country, and how Sweet Tooth Hotel can provide continued support during these painful times. We believe that Black lives matter, and we uphold the collective efforts of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

Our purpose is to uplift and provide a platform for local and emerging artists with inclusion and respect. We believe the ongoing diversity of our artists and our team makes us stronger. We are always working to do better, to be an active part of the solution and to build a more equitable world.

We pledge to continue seeking out Black artists to feature as we plan exhibits and events and strive to uplift their underrepresented voices in the art world. We welcome the opportunity to serve as a community space where listening, learning and growth happens.

With Love,

Jencey Keeton, Founder