Jeremy Biggers

Blow #3 - Jeremy Biggers

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“Blow 3” 15” x 20” acrylic on cutout wood panel by Jeremy Biggers.

**Available for pick up from Sweet Tooth Hotel in Dallas, TX. If shipping and handling is required it will be calculated separately from purchase.

About the Artist
From drawing to painting to graphic design to photography to videography, Jeremy Biggers has been involved with image making his entire life. He attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where he primarily focused on expression through graphite and charcoal drawing. During his college years, he cultivated his love for painting and photography, and they've since cemented themselves into his everyday life. As with most artists, his work is shaped by experiences that inform his view of the world. His goal with each piece is to inspire conversation. His work mixes realism with a design aesthetic.

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